Ah Instagram, your ruthless universe! Between the new algorithm and the freefall of our Popular Photography visibility, we must redouble our efforts to succeed in this social network. To help you do so, I’ve compiled the top 10 of the contents that work best on the platform, my tips to make them work well, examples, and the hashtags that go with them.

Now it’s time for my little guide.

Discover also all my tips to succeed on social networks.

Trending Popular Photography Styles to Make

Pictures of Couples | Popular Photography

Generally speaking, photos presenting a moment of happiness (person laughing, many friends) work very well on Instagram. This is all the more noticeable since photos of couples often break records! So don’t hesitate to annoy your lover. However, prefer photos taken by someone else rather than selfies, which are less qualitative. And if you don’t have a sweetheart, no problem: you don’t have to throw yourself into someone’s arms! The photo that worked best on my Instagram account (more than 2000 likes) is a simple picture of my boyfriend and me holding our passports (see the image here). Anyone willing to lend you their hand could do the trick! Just be creative 😉

Hashtags to remember: #couple #couplegoals #couplesofinstagram #amoureux

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The flat lay photos

No one can escape it; they are everywhere on Instagram. This is the term for photos taken from above with several objects scattered or arranged symmetrically on the ground or a table. If you need the inspiration to make some, I have compiled a series of easy to reproduce and useful photos on this Pinterest board. All occasions are right: a baking session, the contents of your handbag, organizing your office. Your pictures may even be shared on large accounts if you are lucky, compiling the best flat lay photos. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you!

Hashtags to remember: #flatlay #flatlays #fromabove #flatlaysquad

Pictures of Animals

This is no secret to anyone that pictures of animals are the most popular photography style on Instagram. If cats are the stars of the internet, animals are, without a doubt, the kings of Instagram. Dog, rabbit, cat, and especially baby furballs; you will see the likes counter. They explode in front of so much cute. On the other hand, those who have some know the test to take pictures of them so much they gesticulate! Choose your camera’s “moving subject” mode and shake your favorite stuffed animal behind the lens to grab his attention. We’re cracking up.

Hashtags to remember: #[animal]ofinstagram #animal #cute #[animal] #petsofinstagram

The Pictures #pornfood

I would almost say that the more fat and sugar per square centimeter, the more successful the photo will be. Healthy meal pictures also work very well on the platform, but personally, it’s not my forte! The most popular foods on Instagram are burgers, donuts, macaroons, pancakes, and ice cream. The more toppings and decorations, the better. Additional tip: Post your photo just before meals, when users are most hungry and are most likely to be attracted to your image.

Hashtags à ne pas oublier : #cheatday #foodie #cheatmeal #eatfamous #Foodporn


The smiling pictures

Photos of a smiling person are, on average more liked than pictures of a person who is not smiling. And if you show your teeth, it’s even better. The more natural and cheerful it is (as I told you, photos that reflect happiness are the most successful), the more likely you are to publish an image that you like. Don’t hesitate to know in the description of the picture what made you laugh so much!

Hashtag à ne pas oublier : #funnymoment #myeverydaymagic #livebeautifully #momentsofmine


Architectural photos

I noticed that the photos of monuments or facades (often Parisian) that I posted won many likes quickly from the moment I posted them. This is due to the attractiveness of hashtags on this theme. Indeed, the community of architects and urban art lovers is very active on Instagram. So don’t hesitate to upload the photos with different hashtags. If it is a monument, mention the location (another way to be found easily). Finally, when retouching the photos, increase the “structure” so that the buildings’ lines are highlighted.

Hashtags to remember: #architecture #architectureporn #archilovers #archidaily


Fitness photos

Do I need to specify it? Fitness photos are invading Instagram. Whether it’s your healthy breakfast or you in sportswear, these are THE photos to publish par excellence and popular photography Style. Fitness/Healthy Living bloggers are among those who bring together the largest communities. If you don’t feel like showing off your abs, no problem: a mahogany bowl or a flat lay of your bras/sneakers will do the trick.

Hashats to remember: #fitfrenchies #todaysworkout #motivation #healthyliving


The “Inception” Photos

I had no better word to describe this popular photography style, but if you don’t know what the movie is about, it’s a dead giveaway! It’s a picture taken from another image that’s right behind it. It is often made from a cell phone (see my other example photo), but it can also be the Polaroid photo as in the example below. It works with anything: as well to highlight an object to show a beautiful landscape. Remember to increase the backlight of the phone as much as possible to see the picture well.

Hashtags to remember: #picinpic #fromwhereistand #seewhatisee #throughmylens


Travel Photos

Popular Photography Style is also evidence. Travel photos make your dream and are a hit on Instagram. When you go to a place on vacation, look at the other Instagram photos taken there to find the prettiest spots to photograph (we get inspired, eh, we don’t copy). Think about tagging the place and adding hashtags referring to it (monument, city, country).

Hashatgs to remember: #welivetoexplore #passionpassport #theprettycities #top [place]photo


Seasonal Photos

Every season has its star photo: dead leaves in autumn, decorating a Christmas tree in winter, a festive outfit for New Year’s Eve, trees blooming in spring. It’s one of the most popular photography styles, especially in winter. Don’t neglect seasonal photos! Their hashtags are very active at this time of the year. When it comes to parties, users go to them to find inspiration for outfits, decorations; the commitment to your photos will be better impacted.

Hashtags to remember: #[season] #bestmomentoftheyear #[year]



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